Dashboard Builder Wizard nonfunctional

Creating a new dashboard, and clicking on the "Dashboard Builder" link:

That switches the modal to this view:

Which makes it seem like the "Build My Dashboard" is a button. But in fact the button is not clickable -- the mouse pointer doesn't go to "pointer" mode and nothing happens when you click on it.

I think this is a bug? I used this button recently but I'm aware that this feature is pretty hidden. I used hubitat for a few years before I even noticed the Dashboard Builder had options other than "just fill every device on a single dashboard" mode.

It took me a while to sort out the root cause. I didn't have any devices granted to the dashboard instance.

The "Build My Dashboard" button never seems clickable (no pointer cursor, no click interaction). No user facing error message either, which would have helped. The interaction is confusing because as a user I created this dashboard instance within the dashboard screen, but I have to go to the apps screen for the dashboard instance to bless it with the ability to interact with my devices.

Not sure how to escalate this up to where someone within Hubitat can track and prioritize the issue.

Maybe email support? That usually is the best way to make sure they are aware of it.

Otherwise, hopefully one of the team sees this.

pretty sure that button just brings up the options you wish to pick for youe dash