Dashboard bug?

I've just added a new device and and am trying to put it into my Home dashboard. The dashboard page is 7 x 6 with 3 spare spaces. When I add the new tile it doesn't appear, but if I increase the grid size to 8 x 6 it does, but in one of the original spare spaces not the newly created column. If I go back to 7 x 6 it disappears, back to 8 x 6 it comes back.

The only thing I can think of is that I have some images on top of tiles for my menus. Does the dashboard calculate the number of items on a page already used rather than if there are spare spaces? IE I have 3 spare spaces but also 3 images on top of tiles so does it think there is no room for any new tiles?

I think it is definitely counting the number of tiles on the dashboard because if I delete an existing one, my new one appears.

@bravenel Bruce, is it not good practice to put 2 tiles on the same location as I have done for the images or should the code be able to cope with this?

It counts how many spaces in the grid are used up. If there is a free opening it will place the next tile there.

It was not designed to have tiles on top of tiles.

OK so on my 7 x 6 grid It will only ever allow 42 tiles regardless of number of free spaces? That's a shame as the images over an action tile is a quite useful (if unrecognised) feature I think.

No, you can overload the grid and create as many tiles as you want and then move them where you want and then collapse the grid. It's not how it was intended to work, but people are using it this way.

I'm confused then because when I collapse the grid my tile at column 5, row 3 disappears as in the pictures above.

When adding and editing have a large grid. When you like it make the grid smaller. After every tile move make sure to press update while it will look good for a while it will jump back on refresh if you have forgotten to press update.

I am doing all of that! It's totally repeatable. If I set the grid to 8 x 6 my tile at 5,3 shows up. If I set it to 7 x 6, it disappears. To me, it's counting my images that overlay 3 of my tiles towards a tile count and once that goes over 42 is won't display the new ones in 7 x 6 even though there are spare positions.

I thought @patrick had confirmed that, but then his second post confused me when he said you can then reduce the grid once you've positioned the extra tiles. That is not what is happening for me.

I found the issue and why I was not seeing it. You can see the issue without having to change the grid size. Just do a refresh of the web page.

If I have overlapping tiles in the last line of tiles, it will push the last tile in that line on to the lower blank line when I do a refresh, even if that tile's place was saved. However if the overlapping tiles are higher in the grid and there are no overlapping tiles in the last line of tiles it will not push the last tile down.

Hi Patrick. Could you have another look at this for me please? I definitely can't overload the grid. In my example I have a 7x6 grid. Once I reach 42 tiles, even if there are plenty of spaces because a lot of my tiles are images sat on top of other tiles, it won't display any more tiles. If I increase the grid size the tiles appear in the spaces within the original 7x6 grid area (so it correctly knows where the spaces are) but when I reduce it again they disappear. It looks to me as if it is not only looking for spare spaces, but will never allow you to have more than the number of single tiles that would fit in a given grid size. This is perfectly reasonable, but if it could be easily changed it would really help me in my attempts to come up with a neater looking dashboard.

Try adding rows not columns and then adding tiles, moving them where you want and then decrease the row count back to what you want. This is not how dashboard was intended to work but some have had success doing it. What browser are you using?

I've just tried adding rows and it does the same thing, the new tile disappears when I reduce the grid back. I'm using Chrome on either Windows 10 PC or Android Tablet. It's the same on both.

I know I'm working outside the intentions of it, but I'm just trying to overcome the lack of customisation on tiles by hiding the standard text against a black background and adding images instead.

This is what I'm working on for my heating page, but I'm now at the limit of what I can add, even with all the spaces.