Dashboard battery level tile request

I'd like to request a more mathematically accurate battery level rounding display on the battery level tiles. If you look at the following tiles:

99% surely should be rounded to show 4 segments.
74% and 69% should be rounded up to show 3 segments.
47% should be rounded up to show 2 segments.

Unless of course you're a glass is half empty kind of guy the current levels look overly pessimistic. :smile:


Very good point! :+1:

So battery values should be interpreted in this 5 status ("statuses"?):
0..12 --> 0%
13..37 --> 25%
38..62 --> 50%
63..87 --> 75%
88..100 --> 100%

May I add that I would like to have five different background-colors for the those 5 status... :blush:



Hi All,
Does anyone know if there has been any progress on this?
I want to create a dashboard with different colours for different percentages but looks like it's not possible.
Any ideas?

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