Dashboard app not working

It seems my Hubitat dashboard app messed up, or I did. I had trouble with the custom Hubitat dashboard app so I uninstalled it along with the API app. When I reinstalled the dashboard from the Google play store all my old devices are still showing and can't connect.
My question is, how do I delete all the old devices on the app and reconnect it to my hub.

You uninstalled what from where? The hub? The phone?

That statement is puzzling. The Dashboard app is on the hub itself. The native Hubitat phone app just displays what is on the hub. Does the Dashboard work on the hub itself, or is this just a phone app issue?

Or are you using a (confusingly named) 3rd party community based app like this one? [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app In that case, you probably should direct your questions to that thread I linked.

Again, I think you are mixing a few things up here. First I think we need clarification of what exact app you are using and what you are deleting and so on.

Will do. It's not the native Hubitat dashboard app

Then it was using maker api and you need to make sure the endpoints in the app are correct.

I figured it out. How to clear the cache on the dashboard app. But you know I think it's slowing down the device reaction time. It seems especially the motion sensors are slow to react.

You should only expose what you need in the dashboard (regardless of which one you have) Motion sensors don't need to be exposed. I mean it's not like you can turn them on or off and if you have your notifications going it will tell you what one was set off.

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Thanks for the insight. Great idea. I'll try with just lights and see how it goes.

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