Dashboard annunciator help

Hi, I'm sure I could figure this out if I throw more time at it but someone has surely been here and done that. Example..As the mailman / Amazon just drop parcels in the porch I have fitted a motion sensor as a trigger and a sounder as a chime. This works well unless I was in the garden or something and missed the chime. Step 2, I could add a light and manual reset. BUT, what I am aiming for is an indicator on my dashboard that is JUST an output to the dash. Grey on inactive, colored (latch) on activation. From my trials so far I have tried virtual switch but the dash came up as unknown. Do I really have to make a physical endpoint just so the dash indicator looks ok, as that would be a physical stress on the physical relay if I choose to flash the dash mimic.
I'm sure a dozen people have something like this working just fine.

Ps Thanks to the community out there, my Hub was a bit of a head scratcher on the day it arrived but it's now starting to do useful stuff.

If you use a virtual switch you would use the switch type for the dashboard tile. You could have it push message you each time in case you are out of the house at the time, or the community follow me app can be targeted as a speaker then there is a dashboard tile which can show the last updates, but that wouldn't change colors and be as noticeable as the virtual switch tile would be.

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Gamechanger. I now realize where I went wrong. Select virtual switch, type sonoff ZB3 (and a dozen others) instead of "virtual switch" facepalm.

Cheers tterk1

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