Danfoss Ally refresh error

Just started with Hubitat and try to get my Danfoss Ally into Hubitat using the Danfoss Custom app.

I got everything into Hubitat and it looks like everything is working. But I get an error when Hubitat try to refresh the values. Is it only me or do you also have the same problem?

groovy.json.JsonException: expecting '}' or ',' but got current char 'r' with an int value of 114

The current character read is 'r' with an int value of 114
expecting '}' or ',' but got current char 'r' with an int value of 114
line number 1
index number 1
{result={active_time=1670606226, create_time=1670606227, device_type=Danfoss Ally™ Radiator Thermostat, id=bfd818df367fa2fd68v5jl, name=Söder, online=true, status=[{code=switch, value=true}, {code=mode, value=leaving_home}, {code=work_state, value=NoHeat}, {code=temp_set, value=200}, {code=upper_temp, value=350}, {code=temp_current, value=196}, {code=window_state, value=close}, {code=lower_temp, value=50}, {code=child_lock, value=false}, {code=battery_percentage, value=72}, {code=factory_reset, value=false}, {code=fault, value=0}, {code=ViewingDirection, value=false}, {code=ally_pro_banner, value=false}, {code=LoadRadiatorRoomMean, value=532}, {code=Load_estimate, value=545}, {code=leavinghome_temp, value=190}, {code=pause_temp, value=60}, {code=SetpointChangeSource, value=Schedule}, {code=leave_home_fast_heat, value=190}, {code=at_home_fast_heat, value=200}, {code=manual_mode_fast, value=200}, {code=holiday_temp, value=150}, {code=window_toggle, value=false}, {code=window_state_info, value=close}, {code=at_home_setting, value=200}, {code=leaving_home_setting, value=190}, {code=pause_setting, value=60}, {code=holiday_setting, value=150}, {code=heating_mode_VC, value=Heating}, {code=switch_state, value=false}, {code=last_click_time, value=}, {code=data_logger, value=}, {code=motor_step_counter, value=0}, {code=vertical_mounting, value=Horizontal}, {code=sync_preheat_time, value=734544000}, {code=battery_level, value=0}, {code=banner_ctrl, value=false}, {code=boiler_relay, value=true}, {code=room_sensor, value=true}, {code=sensor_avg_temp, value=191}, {code=mounting_mode_active, value=false}, {code=sw_build, value=}, {code=battery_voltage, value=30}, {code=ext_measured_rs, value=1910}, {code=radiator_covered, value=true}, {code=ctrl_alg, value=1}, {code=heat_available, value=true}, {code=heat_supply_request, value=true}, {code=load_balance_enable, value=true}, {code=etrv_configuration, value=0}, {code=rh_temp_meau, value=0}, {code=local_temperature, value=1961}, {code=pi_heating_demand, value=13}, {code=OccupiedSetpoint, value=1900}, {code=operation_mode, value=3}, {code=open_window, value=1}, {code=adaptation_runstatus, value=2}, {code=sw_error_code, value=0}, {code=moto_step_counter, value=18990}, {code=ControlDiagnostics, value=}, {code=CtrlDiagFrequency, value=0}], sub=true, time_zone=+02:00, update_time=1670606240}, t=1681453674261}
.^ on line 232 (method updateChild)

Is this on a C-8 hub?

Yes. It’s the new hub

Okay, won’t be able to look at it until I get back home next week, but if it’s what I think it is, it’s just a small difference in the JVM so shouldn’t be a large issue.

okay It is of course very much appreciated that you look at it when you have time. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi... did you manage to get it to work with the C-8 hub?

Haven't had a chance to look at it yet, hoping that I might have some time tomorrow.

@user5262 can you go to the Danfoss Master app, click on the cogwheel and post a screenshot of the Application State section?

Is this what you need?

Hmmm looks like the last time it refreshed correctly was April 13th. Is the debug at line 224 active in yours? If so can you get me a screen shot of the output from it?


When I add the device into Hubitat is fetch the value from Danfoss API. But the refresh action doesn't seem to work. Nothing happen when I push the refresh button and the device doesn't get uppdated.

In the Log I can't see anything that has to do with the refresh. The refresh is scheduled and I also try to manually trigger a refresh.

The things that get into the Logs is when I update the Mode. No log is created when I push Refresh or when the scheduled Refresh job is running.