Danalock driver

Please could you tell me why the zigbee danalock is not on the device type list, it is on the add device list, I am having real problems with my lock, it keeps losing connection from my HE Hub, can anyone help please.

How close is your nearest zigbee mains repeater?

Unlike most Zigbee devices, locks have to transmit a lot more data back and forth between the lock and the hub to insure security. Unless the lock is within direct sight of the hub and less than 20 ft away, you might have connectivity issues. It is best to have one or more repeaters between the hub and the lock. Fortunately, most mains powered Zigbee devices act as repeaters. The easiest way to improve mesh quality is to add some inexpensive zigbee plugs. I recently added some Third Reality Zigbee 3.0 smart plugs to my setup. So far, they work well, both as smart plugs and as repeaters.

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This means it works with a generic zigbee driver. If it keeps dropping off, it would suggest a mesh insufficiency.

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