Damage-free guest dashboard

Hi all! I mainly have things on automations and use the Hubitat Dashboard App for status updates and the occasional virtual switch

However, I would like to have a wall mounted control panel specifically for guests. I bought a Fire 7 since it was on sale for Prime Day but would like advice on how to set it up

  • Wall mount must be damage-free as I am renting and cannot put holes in my walls

  • Would prefer to be able to cover it when not in use, since again, it's primarily for guests

  • Can I put it on a smart plug or is that bad for electronics? Several of my user manuals say to turn things off and not power them off by unplugging. I assume smart plugs are the same thing?

  • Can I create a Guest Dashboard with Hubitat Dashboard App separate to the main one I use on my phone? Or would I need to find another 3rd party app to make a separate dashboard?

  • Any recommendations on design and layout would be greatly appreciated. I want something easy enough for a grandma who doesn't read much English to be able to use fairly easily

Currently planning to include day/time, weather conditions, lights, speakers and TV. Is there anything else I should add? I don't want anyone to feel intimidated or think they would "break something" since modes, security, etc wouldn't be on the panel

Thank you for your help

  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BX5YU7Y/?coliid=I2GQD7WAMPNDEI&colid=3KGUHE9F40W86&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

  2. That's up to you.

  3. I don't see the point of it being on a smart plug. Its a fire tablet, just turn it off and unplug it.

  4. Yes, you can have as many dashboards as you like.

  5. I struggle here too, but I find Hubitats default dashboards pretty easy to read / work with. My only recommendation when the audience is a guest is that you carefully limit what you include to just the essentials. Too many things will just be clutered and confusing.

I always recommend that things like light switches and lamps work completely normal. That is, no need to use a phone, voice assistants, or tablets. Having smart switches or buttons that mimic normal switches is always best for visitors and guests.

You could do this either way. The stock Dashboards can be per-device, you don't need the Hubitat app, you can use a direct URL for this particular device.

For 3rd party dashboards, many users like the Hubitat Dashboard for Android by Joe Page [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app
for this, but there are built-in options of ActionTiles and SharpTools. I haven't used any of them so I have no opinion which is better.

I am not sure why exactly a tablet would mind that? Some devices might not like that, like a cable box or similar, but tablets and phones are connected and disconnected all the time.

When I tried out a wall-mount tablet, I put it on a smart plug that was activated by motion, and turned off after a period of inactivity so the tablet wasn't just plugged in charging continually. I also used the option to "keep screen on when charging" and (I can't remember how exactly) disabled all passwords so the outlet being powered brought the tablet to the home screen automatically. I think many usually use Fully Kiosk as a way to automate that process.

Thanks for the link! That's perfect. I think I will get that with a camera cover. The smart plug would be because the outlet is very hard to access, so it would it would be better to do it remotely.

That's a good point on the clutter. I have a lot of scenes, so I will probably reduce it to warm, cool, night light and rainbow for the kids, The cinema scene should come on automatically.

Oh those are really good ideas! I would prefer switches myself, but it is against my lease, so bulbs it is, which of course means the switches must be left on. Wall mounting a button next to the switch isn't a bad idea, I didn't think of that. Are they just dummy switches you put on with command strips?

Most of the stuff I've seen on YouTube like that involved NFC chips and that's just another barrier-- most of the older folks I know can barely read a QR code

Yes you could probably do that.

My favorite are the Lutron Pico, but they require a separate hub (well they call it a Bridge) and that runs about $150. But the Pico are relatively inexpensive at about $14 each, so the hub isn't too bad if you factor in the cheap switches if you are buying maybe a dozen or so remotes. They have mounts that don't require drilling, or two small screw holes that could be easily patched.

The most normal looking button I can think of is the Zooz Zen34 which looks exactly like a Decora switch. It can be flush mounted to a wall.

There are other buttons on the compatibility list too. List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation I am not as familiar with these as the above options, but there are quite a few choices.

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Thank you!

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