Cycle through Scenes with Pico

I was in Rule manager and Button Controller but couldn't figure out how to do this.

I have some scenes setup for my office that are different colors and different levels based on my mood. (usually red and harsh) :smiley:

Anyway, I think it would be great to use the middle pico button #3 to "cycle" through scenes. I tried to find something or a way to do it. Does anyone have a solution?


Press Button 3 - activate scene #1
Press Button 3 again - cycle to scene #2
Press Button 3 again - cycle to scene #3
and so on until the end then go back to scene #1

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Sounds like a nice feature to add... Perhaps @stephack's Advanced Button Controller might be a good place to look? If it doesn't have the capability today, it could probably be added. I use ABC to cycle through my ceiling fan speeds using the center button (pushed event) on a Pico. Holding that button (held event) causes the fan to turn off.

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That is what made me think of it. I am doing the same thing with my fans, I cycle through speeds ... cycling through scenes would be a great thing. Otherwise I have to have 2 different remotes - one to turn on / off things and handle fan. The other to assign scenes to on the pico. I can do that .. but it would be nice to have 1 button instead of 2 picos

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The fan cycle logic was not difficult to setup because the next option in the cycle was obvious to predict. I'm not sure I could do that with Scenes because I won't have a simple way to know what scene would be next in the cycle or how many scenes to include. I don't currently have scenes setup, so I would have to create a few and see if this is feasible. I will update here if I come up with a solution. If anyone has Scenes enabled and has has thoughts on how to set this up, I'm open to suggestions.

You could use a local boolean and a few rules in rule machine for this.

You'd have 3 rules similar to this:

Activate Scene 1.

  1. [Triggered by Button press]. If local boolean from Activate Scene 3 is true:
    a. Activate Scene 1.
    b. Set Boolean for Activate scenes 2 & 3 to false
    c. Set Boolean for Activate scene 1 to true
  2. False?
    a. Evaluate rule 2

Activate Scene 2.

  1. If local boolean from Activate Scene 1 is true:
    a. Activate Scene 2.
    b. Set Boolean for Activate scenes 1 & 3 to false
    c. Set Boolean for Activate scene 2 to true
  2. False?
    a. Evaluate rule 3

Activate Scene 3

  1. If local boolean from Activate Scene 2 is true:
    a. Activate Scene 3.
    b. Set Boolean for Activate scenes 1 & 2 to false
    c. Set Boolean for Activate scene 3 to true
  2. False?
    a. [No action required, since rule 1 should have picked it up already]

Edit: This isn't the easiest way to do this---I know there's a better way, but it's not coming to me now. When I think of it, I'll update this post for you :slight_smile:

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Couldn't you just do the multi select to include as many scenes as you would want? Like select these dimmers (check check check)? I don't think "order" will matter much - and if someone wants it in a specific order they would probably need to name it as such. (Ok I know that its easier said than done).

** if you add this - the first question will be - how can I reorder them ...

This :point_up: :wink:

But I have no problem setting a limit on options. We can't get everything we want...and there's always RM as @adamkempenich demonstrated in the post above.

So the good news is...I just created a test scene and thankfully it's not a standard virtual switch or button so I'm hoping I can narrow down the multiselection menu to just scenes. The fact that it also has momentary push functionality is good as well because I wont have to worry about setting and resettting the "on" status of the previous scene when another is activated.

The "potentially " bad news...the good news above are based on assumptions I can't test till later this afternoon when I can sit down and run some test code.

I'm pretty sure this is doable though.

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Oh that means it's doable then ... awesome :smiley:

Good luck - I am a programmer - but not versed in groovy though it looks simple enough - its the hours in the day that I haven't been able to focus on ... need to though....

I am NOT a programmer but never let that stop me :grin:. I just bang my head at the problem until the solution comes to me in a vision.




@stephack Awesome stuff - I have it installed (I assume just the one file not both).

I will need to play with it seems to drag but that may be scenes having issues. I will report back any findings.

Thank you - great work!

If you had both the parent and child app installed before, then yes, you only need to update the child creator.

Hmmmm....There shouldn't be much of a difference between hitting the Push button on the scene's device page and using the assigned button.

I don't think it's you I think it's either scene's or me .. (which lends itself to me) ... (I'm trying to 8 things at once )- let me get some drastically different scenes setup so it will show the change tonight ....

So I set them up tonight working flawless light ..Once I got the 4 lights all sync'd up ... just hitting #3 button over and over and boom boom boom ... very nice .. very nice.

The scene piece was a bit of a pain - once you capture I had a really hard time trying to re-capture something different.

I will keep playing with it and make sure its not me ... but I dont' think it is.

Anyway Good Job!

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