Cyber Monday deal on SmartThings sensor, on Samsung website

I just ordered 4= SmartThings Water Leak sensors and 1= SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor for $14.44 each.

I seen this posted over on Slickdeals website. Smartthings - Buy 5 Sensors 15% off - Hub $59.49, Water Leak - $14.44, Multipurpose Sensor $14.44, Motion Sensor $18.69, Button $10.19 + TAX

Hub $59.49
Turn your home into a smart home with a SmartThings Hub.
Connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work together.

Water Leak $14.44
Receive alerts or set connected devices to turn on and off when moisture is detected.

Multipurpose Sensor $14.44
Know when doors and windows are opened or closed. Receive alerts, set connected devices to turn on and off.

Motion Sensor $18.69
Know when there's movement in your home. Receive alerts or set connected devices to turn on and off as people come and go.

Button $10.19
Control connected devices at the touch of a button. Set multiple lights, electronics, and small appliances to turn on and off

  • TAX, I had no shipping (YMMV)

Don't Forget Cashback! (20%)

Store: Samsung

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Got them all previously. The hub, no never again. The water sensors are wonky, they sometimes freak out and send constant wet/dry messages. Had to RMA mine.
The other devices all work very well with HE.

I have 4 of the water sensors now for aprox. 6 months and they haven't given me any issue. One informed me of a flood in my basement when my Father in Law left the sprinklers on in the garden and flooded through a basement window. Doubling down tonight and picked up 9 on sale. Going to add them to my sinks, under the fridge's water line, dish washer and the washing machine.

Good to hear. I have 4 also, only 1 went bad. I like the 2 sided water detection, really nice

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That is a nice feature. I plan to put some of these new ones under sinks where that can be useful.

Interestingly, it currently sells for CDN$69.99 in Canada (from Samsung's Canadian site). That's about US$52. One of those rare moments when a consumer product is cheaper north of the 45th parallel.

In comparison, Hubitat's US$69.99 converts to CDN$93 (~80% more expensive). Unless one is aware of Hubitat's advantages, the two products appear to be equivalent to the average consumer ... so the Canadian pocketbook seeks out Samsung's hub.

Food for thought: special Canadian pricing on Boxing Day.

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