Customizing items with Hubitat - how to do it?

I have multiple different sensors that I would like to change some of the custom settings on. I can see the settings in device manager, but do not see how the defaults can be changed.

For example, I have the Zooz 4-in-1 sensor. Parameter 6 is the PIR sensitivity. The default is 3, and I would like to move it to 1, which is highly sensitive.

How do I do this?

Install the Basic Z-wave tool driver (available from the Hubitat GitHub)

Temporarily change the driver for your Zooz sensor to basic z-wave tool. Customize the parameters you need, save your changes, and then change it back to the original driver.

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Thanks for the quick response.

As a new user to Hubitat, I do not know how to do the install, changes, etc. mentioned. I can probably fumble through it, but in the meantime wanted to ask is there any documentation or tutorial video that you can please direct me to.

If you're using the right driver, the settings are actually right on the edit device page. For the Zooz 4-in-1, all of those settings are right on the edit device page when using the zooz 4-in-1 driver.

Thanks - I’m not at the house right now so can’t look at the device specifically. I might have chosen a bad example as I know some settings can be adjusted on the device’s page. There were some, though, that I could not adjust.

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Yes...but make sure you are using the right driver first. Check the compatible devices list and see which driver is listed. One may have been released after you paired the device with the hub that now exposes those options to you. If that doesn't work, then you can use the basic z-wave driver for a Z-wave devices only.

When changing device settings on battery powered devices, you will need to check your device manual for how to force it to stay "awake" in order for it to receive the setting updates from the HE hub.

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I was dealing with this last night. I had to poke my battery devices every 20 seconds to keep them alive to receive/sync all the settings.

However, when I moved the device close to the hub I could do a full sync of all settings with one poke (pin in small hole/button click). Supposedly you should include the device close to where it will end up but I think it's safe to cheat and bring it close to the hub for an initial blast of sync settings.

Edit: To clarify what cheating means:

  1. Factory reset anywhere, or do a Z-wave exclude close to the hub. I could never get a network wide exclude to work when devices were far away.
  2. Move the battery powered device close to where it should end up and include it. I usually do a z-wave repair here too (trying to keep the battery powered device alive with various tricks), just to be safe.
  3. Configure the device's settings in the Hubitat UI (sensitivity, wakeup time, etc)
  4. Hit the device configure button to force a sync of all settings.
  5. See the number of settings "left to be synced"
  6. Poke the wakeup/config button on the battery device.
  7. Switch over to the log and see the syncing happen, or see the synced atatus appear on the device page in under 10 seconds.