Custom "Swtich" on Hubitat Dashbord controlling external URL

I basically am trying to build an on/off switch button on the hubitat dashboard that would send a command to a particular external URL, one for on and one for off. I assume I'd have to build a custom virtual device driver to do this? The command I send is super simple, I imagine this wouldn't be too hard. I've seen examples of the reverse of this - but can't quite find what I need.

Right now I just control the device with curl on the command line, but it would be nice to do it from the dashboard:

Command for off:
curl -d u=1 -d d=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 http://raspberrypi.local:9090/set_dmx

Command for on:
curl -d u=1 -d d=255,255,255,255,255,255,255,255 http://raspberrypi.local:9090/set_dmx

Just create a virtual switch that you surface to your dashboard. Let's call it DoThing. Then in RM, create a rule

When DoThing changes
IF DoThing ON
Send, speak or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request (send the ON URL)
Send, speak or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request (send the OFF URL)

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Fantastic idea!! I seem to be failing.... I can't figure out how to convert the JSON payload I send from curl into how RM wants to send the JSON payload:

What exactly are you seeing in terms of it not working via RM?

At a guess, you may need to include double-quotes around the u, d and list of 255's. You may also need to include curl-braces at the beginning and end.

Also, is the curl command a GET or a POST?

It's a POST.

I'm trying to poke an OLA D that is a DMX controller listening on a Raspberry Pi. The JSON API listens on port 9090.

When I query the Pi's web server for the command, it returns this syntax:


POST u=[universe], d=[DMX data (a comma separated list of values)]

I have tried just about every combination of square, curly brackets & quotes and I just can't get it to do anything from the RM. I assume the Run Actions button in Rule Manager will as it says run the action?