Custom rules in HSM app

I have successfully configured Home, Away and Night modes in the HSM app.
My question is; I understand that I can't add additional custom modes, so can I achieve this through the 'custom monitoring rules' of which I am a little unsure how to do.

For example, for my normal 'Away' mode I have front, connecting, back and garage doors armed and monitored. Occasionally, I would like to arm everything except the garage door (say, to allow a parcel delivery) or the connecting door (to allow my pets to wander). So Ideally I would like two additional modes such as 'Armed Except Garage' or 'Armed Except Inner door', but as I can't add modes can it be done through custom rules?

Thanks in anticipation.


Have you looked at Mode Manager? IIRC it comes with Morning, Day, Evening and Away predefined, but you can add to (or remove from) the list if you like. It doesn’t directly drive HSM, but between the two and a few rules you should be able to work out a combination that will give you the effect you’re seeking.

An example, if you configured Armed Away such that it only has the main structure (with 2 virtual sensors) and then a mode/rule each to add the sensors for the connecting and garage doors based on the Mode Manager Mode. The rule(s) would then monitor their sensors and based on the MM Mode and either turn on/off the virtual sensor or ignore the activity.

In the above scenario you could also simply use a virtual switch that is normally on, and only turn it off when you needed the exception. Key is still the rule and a virtual sensor for HSM.


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