Custom Motion Setup with a Dimmer

First I'd like to thank Hubitat and everyone on this Forum! The support and assistance I have received has been AMAZING! I hope in the future I can be as supportive to other "Newbees"

Now my question:

I have some door lights on a GE Zigbee dimmer, I would like the light to turn on at sunset to 20% and then when triggered by my Iris 3326-L motion sensor go to 100%, then return to 20% when the motion is inactive, turn off (0%) at midnight, and then turn to 100% when motion triggered until sunrise.

I tried using motion control App but, if the light is triggered it turn completely off and if the dimmer switch is used manually it completely stops all action.

Can anyone recommend the best way to program this operation?

Thank you for your time and support!

You can do this with Rule Machine quite easily. Here is how I would set up the rule:

     Specific Time: Sunset
     Specific Time:  Midnight
     Motion Sensor CHANGES

If motion is active and time is between sunset and sunrise THEN
     Cancel Delayed actions 
     Set lights to 100%
     Delay actions by X mintues (cancelable)
     If time is between sunset and midnight
         Dim lights to 20%
         Turn lights off

This should accomplish what you've looked for. The only thing i did in addition to what you asked for was add the timeout. The motion sensor you mentioned is the same I have. it's timeout is only 30 seconds. You really don't want the lights turning off with a lack of motion that is that short. A timeout would make it a little more tolerable.


how do you enter in this code directly into the rule machine? I can only see setting it up via the GUI.

That is how you must do it--all rules are created using the GUI. (For ease of sharing, users often just type out the rule, as the poster did above, rather than, for example, copying and pasting a screenshot.)