Custom Monitoring Rule question - repeating alerts?


I have setup two HSM rules, one uses the built-in Water Leak detection and one is a custom monitoring rule (under HSM).

Both use Alexa TTS to make announcements through my ecobee thermostat on the main floor (that's the only speaker device I have at the moment).
The Water leak alert continues to repeat until I turn off the alert. This is great, it is exactly what I want to have happen - keep notifying us until somebody noticed that there is a problem.

But with the custom monitoring rule, the alerts only fire once. I can't figure out how to get the alerts to keep firing until the alert is cleared.
I know there is a section called "How frequently do you want to be notified?". I have the "only once per day" turned off and I have "Only once within this number of minutes (1 to 59)" set to 1.

But when the freezer door sensor is open, the custom rule fires and I get Ecobee telling me the door is open and I get a single alert on my phone. But that's it. It doesn't continue even though the freezer door is still open.

Is there a way to get these custom monitoring rules to continuously alert?


Trip a virtual switch or something and use Notifier to repeat the notification.

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Ok, I am already tripping a virtual switch because I wanted something on the dashboard to shut things up.

I will look into notifier... I haven't seen that yet.