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I am currently working on my dashboard and now I need two icons which hubitat doesnt offer.....I know its possible to load custom icons via a link. But then Im not local anymore unless I would set up an extra local server (which I find too much effort for two icons...)

Now I am asking myself if its possible to load those two icons (png I guess?) directly onto the hub....all those other icons must be saved there somewhere too, right?

Thanks and best regards!

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Do you already have an always on local PC?

Nope I dont.....thats why Im asking....I would have to set up a server just for two icons lol....

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If my memory serves me right images will be cached from the web. So you'd only need cloud access once. Maybe @patrick can prove my memory right or wrong?

Can we base-64 encode the icons? That would be another option, if it works.

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I don't know what the max size is for a global variable :slight_smile:

Uhm....pardon? When did we get the ability to do that? I can't find a link for any forum post for something like that.

Oh wow......I guess you cant. I was mistaken. Its just the Background Image of the tile that you can change.

So its not possible to replace the icon itself with a custom one at all?

Well you can choose from a list of icons... But other then that no... People do change there icon to nothing and place an empty tile with a custom background image behind the front tile... That works, but is a hassle.

Ok thanks for clarifying....

Well then I guess I have to stick with what they offer.....unless they change that with an update.