Custom Icon Requests (smartly or not)

We need MORE icons!


UPDATE: To use custom icons via HE File Managed or hosted URL see this post.

If you have a use for icons outside of smartly for free to post that as well. I am happy to make them up for any HE user.

Now that smartly - the hubitat dashboard skin engine has implemented it's own custom icon library, it is time to Fill'Er-Up!!

Here are just a few samples...

Take a look at the whole 1st set we added to smartly here, but that is not nearly enough!

With a full license over at The Noun Project we can now choose from over 2 million icons! If anyone has thoughts on icons the team should look into adding, please post your ideas.

If you have an icon idea you can just post a list of icon items/types you would like to see (the more detail the better).

Also feel free to paste a PNG here, with a link to the SVG file, or icon page. All icons MUST be SVG format to be added.

If your feeling ambitious, make your own favorites list at the Noun Project (free accounts get 1 favs list), and post a link to it here.

Icons from anywhere can be used, not just the Noun Project website. We have found that site to be very plentiful, but any SVG can be used. If you find an icon somewhere else feel free to post it.

Remember icons need to be plainly visible at 25x25. If you like an icon try posting it here at 25x25, and see if we can still CLEARLY tell what it is. If the icon is a blob when viewed at 25x25 it may not get added.

We also have the ability to add/remove elements from some icons, or even combine multiple icons. If you see something that is close to what you want, and just needs minor changes, (like adding the "light beams" for On/Off, or arrows to Open/Close) post a detailed explanation, and we'll see what we can do with it.

All icons MUST be SVG format. Not all icons are guaranteed to be added, but we will review them all to see what can enhance the smartly library.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: + :eyes: + :fast_forward: + :2nd_place_medal: + :eye: + :heavy_plus_sign: + :ear: + :man: + :brain:

We look forward to seeing and hearing your ideas !



I'm looking to make a "top level" dashboard that has buttons for each room in my house, so I'm looking for things that represent a bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Here's my wish list. Noun Project


we have to do better then this. :wink:


is it for a heated towel rack or something? I can make edits to add heat waves or something.

or take the towel off, but leave the rack looking consistent.

The one on the right is. The left was supposed to be for attic. Couldn’t find anything better! If they’re easy to modify, is it possible to add heat lines to the existing mirror icon too?

I can only modify a SVG I have access to. If you are referring to something built-in to HE no, but most have similar on NP.

example - I searched for "heat waves" and found the above. You could search "mirror" and find any mirror icon that would fit the heat waves inside. I could easily size them to how ever you liked and stick it inside the mirror icon as an "overlay" if you will.

I meant the one that's currently in the smartly ui, mdi-mirror

Small clarification- I can use an existing icon, add to it and edit it to create a new icon. We won't edit existing icons though.


When I said "can modify" I meant as in "you have the graphical skills to make modifications", I have zero artistic ability.

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For my it is more c/p/edit skills (illustrator helps). The graphics have already been created. I have zero artistic ability either but I can find, manipulate add/subtract features to enhance them.

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I realize, once dashboard links have the option of being large button-type with large icon, the icon just needs to be discernible at like 50-60px+ instead of 20-30px. That allows for icons with more detail that wouldn't be usable at 20-30px.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 5.23.37 PM

This opens the door to adding icon packs like this one Home Environment Collection | Noun Project that essentially have an icon for each room of the house.

Interior And Furniture Collection | Noun Project -


@dman2306 I found something very similar.

How about this for off (stupid forum is chopping off the top it will be complete)

and you pick on

A mirror_on1 or B mirror_on2

Your right attic is a hard one. Is it a pull down? Maybe...


B is great and that makes much better sense for attic!

That is a good example of two icons. used the stairway and a square. had to play with a bunch but think it came out decent.

What do you think of towel rack off

and on

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Sorry I can't think of anything to do for the basement. If anyone has ideas??

Either way the @dman2306 icon set is in! I'll get these over to @spelcheck to add them to a release. (the forum is not happy with my icons today but they'll be right in the release)

mirror_on2 couch showeroff attic

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There are two sets of icons that I would love to see:

  1. Desk lamp exists already, but would like one version added showing it's on - maybe with "light rays" coming out of it...? Here is the icon without: 2020-05-16
  2. Would love to have a set of bi-fold closet doors that open in the middle.
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Ok we'll start with the easy one......

off desk_lamp_off on desk_lamp

that is more of a challenge. I cannot find 1 bi-fold closet door icon anywhere. I made this from a "curtain icon" Whada ya think?

closed bi-fold open bi-foldopen

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The light is exactly what I had in mind.

The Closet is a bit more tricky, isn’t it! What you have there is much better than anything I could have done! :blush:


I get those over to @spelcheck and we'll ping you when they are added to a release.

thanks for the input and help making smartly even better!


Sounds good, but I'll have to make something less pixelated or @spelcheck will veto it. :rofl:

How this for a starting point?

greenrecycling bin

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@Royski can you download these PNG and apply them? I wanna see if they will be visible or a "blob" at dash size.

What you think black borders or no borders?

greenrecycling bin

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