Custom hotwords coming to Google Assistant?

Good news for those who want their Google Home to respond to a different name or activate when they say their favorite curse word: Custom hotwords may be on the way.

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So does this mean that Hubitat supports Google Home?

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Not yet, it is at the top of our integration list. Stay tuned.


Any word on Google home?


Was there additional information about the status of the integration posted on the Facebook page? I couldn't find it when I looked.

Nothing new. We continue to work on it. There is a separate review process with Google via a 3rd party we have to go through including testing devices. We are working through that review process.


I've gotten into the habit of checking the news and updates section of the forum every day and checking the hub for updates. It's more reliable than a cron job at this point. Sending good vibes Google's way...

Can't wait ... we love Google Home and will be loving interaction directly.