Custom Commands missing?

I'm trying to configure my Ecobee thermostat to set Away mode based on presense, but following the instructions here Ecobee Integration - Hubitat Documentation -- there is no "Custom Commands" option available in my rule machine app to do this. Ideas?


Figured it out. The documentation isn't even close to accurate with Rule Machine 4.0. Please update. Thanks!

For reference, solution found here: Did custom command go away in RM4?

Here are the Rule 4.0 docs: Rule-4.0 - Hubitat Documentation (or the forum post with the same thing, which I often prefer for the in-line screenshots). Can you point out where the docs are wrong? Staff or an interested community member could make or submit a fix.

Glad you got it figured out!

I use the HSM Status as a RM trigger with my Ecobee, but it should a simple change to use presence.