Custom Command parameter

I'm using the excellent Echo Speaks app to play speech on my Echo devices. It's working from RM using the push notification or speech action, but I'd like to access the other commands exposed by the device such as SequenceCommand().

I can do this by configuring a custom command in RM and then accessing the custom command as an action from a rule, but I cannot see a way of passing the parameter for the custom command from the action. This means that for every speech action I will need to define a new custom command which contains the specific speech text in the SequenceCommand() parameter. What I'd like to be able to do is have one custom command for the SequenceCommand (which has a string parameter) and then specify the value of the string parameter within the rule action.

Is there a way of achieving this, or do I really need to have a separate custom command for every SequenceCommand() that I want to use? (or maybe I'm just approaching this the wrong way!)

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I just asked this same question in there Echo Speaks thread. Hope there is a way to do this.

I'm not familiar with Echo Speaks (google guy here) so, you'll have to enlighten me. What is this "SequenceCommand"? If you're looking to create a custom command for Rule Machine, you have to do that for every parameter you might want to use. You cannot pass the parameter to the command except when you are creating it. What exactly are you trying to do with this command? If you're trying to send a notification, you should be able to do that with the notification command in RM, not through a custom command.

I believe when I used the 'Notification' if there was music playing, or something like the Flash Briefing, it would cut it off and not resume that when the notification ended. I got the previously playing source to resume when I used the playTextandResume() custom command, but that does not allow the %device% variable in RM to be passed through (same as the SequenceCommand()). So I too am trying to find a way to use Custom Commands in RM and allow RM's variables within those.

Not possible currently because there's no such thing as a RM variable. Variables are not supported in RM.

Then I used the wrong term. I am referring to this:

That's not possible with custom commands. You have to set all parameters when you save the command.