Custom branded zigbee modules

Hi folks.
I have customer's house which is automated with a custom braded zigbee devices.
Is there a chance to integrate and control them from hubitat hub?
If zigbee devices can be added but i must have a propper driver for it, how hard is to create it doing reverse engineering? The manufacturer has dissapeared and there is no api or documentation.

Thank you!

What are these specifically (type, capability)? Manufacturer might help someone to recognize if they work if you would like to reveal that.

If they are standard things like motion sensors or contact sensors or switches, they might just work with generic drivers. As long as the person who did the firmware followed standards. It might be worth pairing a few of these to a hub and see if it simply just works.

Driver is way out of my wheelhouse, but maybe you could pay someone to reverse engineer them?

Hi Neon.
Those are common stuff i guess.
6 input scene controllers, dual channel dimmers, and din mounted switches and motor controls.
I should get a new or spare one, but not try with a customers unit, cuz i'd need to unpair it to test, then i won't be able to get it back to where it was....

Generic drivers are built in or i need to find them and add as custom code?


They are built in...