Custom app? “Smart virtual swirch” that will toggle state ON when any of its child switches turn ON

Several people mentioned that they use a virtual switch to trigger a rule that turns ON (or OFF) other switches.

Suppose one of these “other switches” turns ON. Is a way to make the “parent” virtual switch change to an ON state without firing an ON event?

Example> There are 5 lamps in my living room. I’d lamp 1 turns ON, I want the living room virtual switch to register as ON but I don’t want an ON event to fire and turn on the other lamps in the living room.

Has someone written something that does this?

Have you looked at Groups from the Groups and Scenes app? Therefore are various options for how the group device works with respect to member device states, and it sounds like it can do what you want. (So can Room Lighting, but it's a bit harder to set up.)

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