Custom action

I need to run a custom action and when choosing button all I see is life360 as the button option. Maybe I'm going about it all wrong but I have the LG drivers and apps installed, Big thanks to @asj for all his help. So if I poll the devices I see the apps but not the inputs as an option. After talking with asj I should be able to run a custom command or action and use as the command. This works in the device when I choose External input and include as the option. RM4 is just confusing as crap to me so how do I pass this along in a rule?

I have tried about everything I know to try and I'm not getting that as an option unfortunately.

Here's a video, I think this is what you want to do:

It doesn't look like that device implements the button capability, so another one may work. "Switch" looks like it would, but you can check the capability list at the beginning of the driver if not. This doesn't really matter except that it helps RM filter the device list. This would explain why you don't see it.

Once you get that far, you can probably figure the rest out. It should let you select this command, and you can add what you typed (on the device page) as a string parameter.

Awesome thanks guys that worked. I really appreciate the support! @asj if there is somewhere I can donate to help with further development of this driver/app or just to say thanks please let me know. I really appreciate all the support!

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