Current Status, Dashboard and log not responding Manual and automation works

I have a few WD500Z-1 Dimmers that are acting strange.
Hub firmware is :
Driver is : generic Z wave Dimmer

Issue: dashboard, active log and device page "current status" do not update.

  • Light responds to manual on / off (from device page) and to automation.
  • Current status In the device page does not respond unless I press "refresh"
  • Active log shows no entries when the device is manually exercised.
  • Device Events do log.

I rebooted the change in results.

Might be related to my issue... donno. For me device works fine from everywhere except group/scene... in that app it pretends to do everything, shows it as set to scene till I refresh each device manually...

I've just started having this problem. My dashboard shows various devices in the wrong state. When I click a tile to change the state, it just grays out and gets stuck. Automations are running ok, But the device pages for some of my devices also show incorrect state. Refresh and config don't help. Punching buttons on the device page does not add anything to the logs. I rebooted the hub too. That didn't fix anything. Could these devices have fallen off my Z-Wave network or something? How do you know if all your devices are still in contact with the hub? Actually, that can't be it... some of the devices respond to the buttons on their device page, and some (my lock) do not.

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I'm having the same problem, after adding about 20 V1 Iris devices. The dashboard correctly displays current device states when using the LAN link, but behaves as described above when using the cloud link. Turning on a light for example will cause an hour glass to appear and remain, even though the light turns on. The change is also documented in the history log. The only way to get the proper dashboard display is to refresh the page. This means that the cloud link can only be used to display the state of the system at the time the page is loaded from the cloud. A change can be transmitted, but without any visual feedback, without reloading the page.