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While I personally don't really care if I get credit on things I am doing/giving away for free anyway (I mean really, what are the damages - loss of 'street cred'?), Scott and Kevin are 100% right that what was done is not proper and should not have been done that way.

It takes MORE WORK to remove the credits than to leave them in....So lack of time isn't a good excuse.


Look... You can rationalize it however you want. But the fact is, you were wrong on how you went about this.

Just own it, and move on. We all make mistakes and learn from them.


What I don't get is that someone called you out for removing their license and you could have spent a couple of minutes adding something like below to the top of your code which could have solved the problem, but instead you posted a bunch of times trying to rationalize the removal of the license.

 *  pp-Code H&T Sensor 
 *	Created from  driver Raspberry Pi Stats
 *   - Original Copyright Janos Elohazi
 *   - Original Copyright Scott Grayban (sgrayban)
 *   - Originally Ported to Hubitat by Scott Grayban with help from ogiewon and royski
 *  *************************************************************************
 *  Licensed under the GNU v3 (
 *  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed
 *  on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
 *  for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
 *  *************************************************************************/

He didn't use just a block of code he USED the WHOLE thing and just changed a few variables. IT'S THEFT and if I want to take this to court he will lose. I can still file a complaint.

I agree he shouldn't have done that, and he was in the wrong.

But come on - take it to court? For what? What are the damages? I'm agreeing with you in spirit, but let's not get hyperbolic here. At best you could get a cease and desist, but whoopie...

Because this hasn't been the first time some lazy ass loser stole my code and pretended they spent hours making it.

Which is wrong - I agree with you. I'm just pointing out there is no "take them to court" on something that has no damages. That's all. If you, or he, was selling the code in a product there would definitely be a case, but neither of that is true.

In any case, hopefully people got an education/reminder on this as to proper crediting of software reuse. It is important, and the right thing to do - even on non-commercial code.


The reason I am so pissed about this particular rip-off is instead of the user asking me for help to modify it he goes to Dan knowing that Dan doesn't realize it's my code. That tells me the user intentional knew he was going to rip my code and pretend he made it.

That is why got I livid about it.


That's pretty lame, for sure. :frowning:


I don't mind helping to modify my code for a particular reason.... but to ask someone else ? That's rude at its finest.

Rant over.... for now.

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I didn't remove anything. The moderators did.

I came here with the intention of helping anyone who might want to use this sensor. I have tried to explain why I didn't include the original author on my modifications; in case it was defective, I didn't think it would be appropriate to tie him to it. I never took credit for anything, and never claimed to be the author.

I came here with good intentions and have been lied about (saying I used all the code and changed variables) when I used maybe 25%...been called a lazy, loser and thief, banned, threatened with a lawsuit (had a good laugh about that one), and generally attacked by a wolf pack for what amounts to an etiquette mistake.

I couldn't care less about taking credit. My self worth is not tied to recognition for a few lines of silly driver code.

So maybe I could have handled it differently, but I never intentially meant to harm anyone.

Anyway, the original post is gone, so everyone should be happy. I'm out.

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You knew I wrote it. You could have asked me for help.. no excuse for that.


As a non-developer, Iā€™m genuinely curious. Which courts can enforce the terms of the licenses included in community developer code? Is it considered a copyright violation?