Current opinion on latest update

I've been holding off a day to upgrade..
What is the opinon on the latest. .148

I'm on 145 .. thanks

I have updated but don't see much as a difference.. no major fix ;-(

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Didn't help me, I've gone back a couple versions hoping that now that I'm mostly done adding devices it will work better.

It's a 'minor' update.. although one must really ask if there's ever really such a thing :slight_smile:

I updated all 7 of my hubs to .148 a couple hours ago.

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working ok for me.. what do people do who have a hub with an empty house.. just leave it , or do regular updates..

i just updated as well

What model hubs do you have? I have 2 C7's that stop working at least once an hour. Then I have to reboot and power off. I don't have any off the wall devices, few apps on the zWave hub. I will go to what ever version will keep he hub running zWave. I'm open to ANY suggestions.

I updated yesterday - C-7, C-5 & 2 C-4's... everything seems okay so far. On my main hub (a C-4 currently) I was experiencing some Zigbee lag/issues but that seems to have gone away. It could be the reboot though...