Current Monitoring Relay

I just installed a salt water chlorinator. It should only run while the pool pump is running. I control my pool pump using Zen multirelay, which works really well. Certainly, I could use a Aeotec High Power relay or GE Appliance relay to control the chlorinator and program it to only turn on when the pool pump is on, but I'd very much prefer more direct control that doesn't depend on the hubitat or a running program since a failure could allow the chlorinator to run w/o water flow.

The pool pump doesn't have any kind of output controls. That would have been too easy, I suppose.

So, instead, I'm wondering if instead there exists a current sensing relay, preferably one that can handle either a 220V 2.5A load or a 110 5A amp load (chlorinator can be wired for either). I'm picturing a relay that had a current transducer that would go around the pool pump's wiring and use that as a trigger to close the relay to the chlorinator.

Anyone have leads on something like this?

If you're already using a relay (Zen) to switch the power to your pump, just add a relay to those same contacts to control input power going to your chlorinator.

i.e. Pump is powered = New Relay energized = Chlorinator ON

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Is there a relay for the chlorinator? Or is it directly driven?

If there is a relay before the chlorinator, I think a current sensing relay would be a good fit for this application. Some examples from one vendor (plenty of other vendors have similar devices): Automation Direct

Will it work? the Zen relay has 3 different outputs, one for each of 3 triggers on the pump that set it to lo, med, hi speeds. can i wire those three outputs for the pump to one relay for the chlorinator? Wouldn't it make it so activating any of the three pump triggers ends up activating all of them?