Curious about the importance of unused conditions

After creation of a rule, the conditions the rule use appear in the 'manage conditions' section. When the rule is edited to use different conditions, the old conditions are still there. If more editing is done and the original condition is again used, it now appears twice.
My question is, is there a reason I should go in and remove unused conditions, or are they just harmlessly sitting there?

I've actually been bitten by this (anomaly?), namely while editing a Predicate Rule that contained conditionals (e.g. "Light_Level < 3.0"). I edited the Condition under "Manage Conditions", thinking that would alter what's inside the Conditions section of the predicate. It did not. It only changed what appeared under "Manage Conditions."

That struck me as odd. What is its purpose, then? Only (much) later did I realize my overall RM rule was misbehaving because I had not gone back into the predicates Conditions section and made the edit there!

I see the 'Managed Conditions' area as a repository for storing these conditions and also amending them.
So if in your rule you have a condition for Motion Sensor A 'Active' and you want to use Motion Sensor A & B 'Active, you can go into the managed conditions area and change Motion Sensor A 'Active' to Motion Sensor A & B 'Active. This would also change where this condition is used within the rule. It saves you having to alter all appearances of Motion Sensor A 'Active within your rule as they would all automatically change.
Also it doesn't really matter if you had a lot of different things in here as they are conditions and are not evaluated/used unless to specify it within the rule.
It is nice to keep them down though. :slight_smile:
If you did want to clean them up you could change a sensor in managed conditions to something that is definately not needed in the rule. If the change is reflected in the rule you know it is being used. You can then change it back and delete the othe occurrence. If it doesn't appear in the rule, just delete it.
Hope this makes sense.

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There was a number of threads about this. Per @bravenel Predicate conditions and rule conditions need to be kept separate. Here is a link to a post he made. More discussion in that thread.


They are harmlessly sitting there. Delete if you want, or not.


Delete if you can, in some cases. I still have some rules where there are broken conditions that won't delete. No harm, I believe, rule still works, but untidy and breaks my OCD :rofl:


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