CT80 Thermostat

Anyone used the Radio Thermostat Company t-stats? I'm specifically looking for one that can control a whole house humidifier but really don't want to go the route of a $300 thermostat (ecobee). Looks like the CT80 can be installed with a WiFi or Zwave module. Did some searching on here but didn't find anything.

I use the CT101. It seems to work fine.

CT101 or CentraLite Pearl 3 Series.. have used them both. The Pearls are a little more decorative, less bulky but more expensive. Both worked as advertised. You can shop around for Pearl deals on Ebay but here is the Amazon link:

Edit: I don't know about it controlling a humidifier though..

If you search through the forums, there are some issues with Radio Thermostat devices. Sometimes they don't communicate a state change (e.g. OperatingState changes or when you manually change the temp on the device itself).

There is another thread which talks about the Centralite being more responsive than the RT. You may want to do some searching in advance.

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Has anyone been able to get Alexa to control their Radio Tstat? I have my CT50 (3M Filtrete) working in HE with a Zwave Plus USNAP module and I can control it in HE but it does not add as a device in Alexa.

Nevermind...I just re-read the supported devices by Alexa through theHE and see that T-stats are not supported at this time.

I currently have a CT100 but I was thinking of changing to the 80 which supports a whole house humidifier...but wasn't sure if there were any drivers that exposed the humidifier part.

Has anyone done an integration through the IP side on the CT80 or CT50?

I have the CT80, and after some digging found out that the z-wave module can control temp but cannot control the humidifier connection. (Z-wave can only read the current humidity) Control functions for humidity would have to come through the WiFi module on the CT80. Has anyone integrated from the LAN side?

What is a good 'direct' replacement for the radio thermostat brand that is supported by HE? I have a Filtrete 3m-50 and am having a heck of a time with it. Worked great on my old hub. Just got done redoing my rules adding a 5 second delay (thanks RM 3!!!) to each command that I also just separated in hopes that will solve my issues.

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