Creating Rules in App doesn’t always work

Has anyone else noticed that when you use the App and try to create a new Rule it doesn’t always save the actions in the Rule? If I use the web interface it works fine, but not always the app.

Both take you to the same web interface and should work the same way (though I'd never really use the app for this purpose; you don't need it, it's an extra step in the way, and another wrapper around the only UI you really need). What could be happening is that if you don't either close the rule by hitting the "Done" button or hit the "Install Rule" button when it's new, your rule never gets saved as an "installed app" but instead is orphaned (and will stick around for a while but will be difficult to find and will eventually get cleaned up; you may be able to find it by checking "In use by" on a device you were using in the rule or by navigating back to that URL if you were using a browser that remembers what it was--another reason I'd use a "real" browser for that).

This would have an equal chance of happening in either a "regular" browser or through the app, but I could understand if it's a bit harder to do in the app since you're stuck in a slightly-awkward in-app browser. But it's the same thing in any case. Just a guess!

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Thanks! I’m guessing something was wrong with the app. I should have force closed it and opened back up.

What I finally noticed was happening was that when I clicked on the action section it kept skipping the first step and taking me to a different section. I’m guessing something was stuck in cache.

thanks for your insight!