Creating a Pushover notification when smoke detector detects smoke

Need some help with my RM rule as I suspect I am missing out something.

I had used condition where Kitchen Smoke Detector is 'Detected'. To test my rule, I changed it to 'Tested' and pressed the physical button on the smoke detector to create a test event.

I did not receive any pushover notification though. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Without knowing how that specific device works, I suspect the issue is that you are mixing a trigger with a rule. If "tested" is a momentary event, it will never have a "state" of true, so the True actions will never run.

Change it to a Trigger instead of a Triggered Rule and try it again.

Thanks for the reply!

It's a Xiaomi MiJia Smoke Alarm.

Based on your advice, I had created a trigger. It seems that it's a device issue from below log:

Re-added the smoke detector and pressed physical button on detector to trigger testing

After resolving driver issue and changing to trigger, it's working as expected now. :slight_smile:

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Makes sense.

Step 1 when RM rules/triggers aren't working as expected is make 100% sure the device states/events are showing what you expect.

Since RM is event driven, if the device doesn't show the event, the RM side will never work.