Creating a group for Alexa in HE

I'd like to have a routine in Alexa that I can call that turns off a group that I create in HE so that I don't have to go through adding each individual device (in the Alexa routine).

I want everything in this group turned off at night when I say "Alexa, goodnight".

Is that the way to do it and where do I create that in HE? Alexa doesn't seem able to see groups I've created in HE.

Did you add your group to the Alexa app?

I created a virtual switch for this, and then Alexa turns Goodnight on, and I have the automation happen in HE via RM.

It didn't appear in Alexa as a group I could add.

If I create a virtual switch, how do I assign the group to it in HE?

If you create a group in Hubitat, that should create a virtual switch for the group. Then in the Hubitat Alexa app (in your hub’s web admin GUI, not the actual Alexa app) you can authorize Alexa to control that group virtual switch. You could then create an Alexa routine (in the actual Alexa app) triggered by that phrase that turns the group switch off.

I can’t tell from what you’ve written so far whether you have authorized Alexa to use the group switch.

That got it. I’d created a group, given permission for Alexa to see the virtual device, renamed it and then it got out of sync and the device wasn’t renamed in the view of devices Alexa had permission to see.

Submitted a bug.

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