Creating a"dimmer" device and connecting it to a dimming controller

Hi there. I'm completely new to Hubitat (and Groovy). I cobbled together a Telnet-based device driver that I want to act like a dimmer. (It's actually a Gefen video switch, and I'm using it to scale input video). I implemented Switch (on, off) and SwitchLevel (setLevel) capabilities as well as levelUp and levelDown commands. This seems to be working fine (it would have been easy if the doc had been better.)

Now, I want to take a controller, like a Lutron Pico remote, and I want to map the buttons in a logical fashion: on sets level 100 (full screen), off sets level 0, and the dim up down buttons operate when pushed or held down like they would on a light.

Question 1: am I implementing all of the right capabilities and commands?
Question 2: what's the easiest way to set this up? Can I use Simple Lighting? If so, it's not obvious. Seems common to have a remote like this, and it seems like it should be easy to say "this is the dim button, hook it up to this dimmer".
Question 3: I'm posting this in the Developers category because it's possible that I'm missing something on the driver implementation side. Please let me know if I should post this elsewhere.

Best regards.

It sounds like you're right on the mark, to me.

You'll need to use Rule Machine 4, and select a Button controller as the trigger device. This will then allow you to map each of the buttons to whatever functions you'd like of your new device. This is exactly the same as how Pico remotes are mapped to any standard Switch/Dimmer device, like a smart switch or bulb.