Create Thermometer Sensor Temp Report Message

How can I go about creating a report out temperature message for my freezer thermometer? It is a CentraLite 3323-G but I'm not using the contact sensor.

I would just like the message to be something like "The Freezer temp is" X "degrees".

I know how to send a message, but I'm not seeing how to pull in the specific device and temp values in the message.

What are you using? You can use the built-in Notifications app, and if you write your text like "%device% is %value%", it will fill in the value of those variables. This would also work in Rule Machine, but that is likely overkill.

You do need a device set up to receive notifications in the first place--not sure if you got that far. A mobile phone with the Hubitat app set up on it is one way; it will create a device on Hubitat you can use for this.

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I'll give that a shot. I send my notifications out via Pushover but I guess I never needed to pull in specific values before.

Is the notification app separate or is it built into RuleMachine actions?

The Notifications app is a separate app. You could use RM, but it's a lot more work to set up.

See: Notifications - Hubitat Documentation

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