Create subfolders for rules in RM

Like many here, my rules are starting to number in the dozens, and it is getting harder to slog through them.

It would be nice to have an option of organizing rules by folder. My workaround is to use more specific naming conventions, but being able to put all my lighting automations into a Lighting folder, or organize by Room, would make things neater and tidier.

This would be especially helpful for rules that are interconnected, for example presence modes Home vs Away, as it makes troubleshooting easier when I can see which rules are designed to work together.


Agreed. Other platforms have things organized by room which i thought was annoying because I barely had any rules because the platform was so bland. Now the world is my Oyster and i would love to filter by folders, rooms, or tags. Also my app list is quite large, would love to not control individual rules by the app page and have one page view for rule machine. These are probably some of the "GUI" improvements that i have seen the people ask for.

Search the forum guys....this has been asked for dozens of times. The answer is always "no". I have all my rules named starting with the room they apply to. That helps organize them.

The answer is not no. Just not now. It's been asked for, noted and we are considering different ways to organize things down the road.



Hi guys, so a year and a half after that, how are we regarding this matter? Is there already some way of grouping or organizing the rules? Thanks a lot.

Folders would be a great help. Maybe user assigned labels to folders. Like you assign rooms to devices. Folder Name: Kitchen Events, Family Room Events and so on. Then we can start the event names with the rule used, RM - Kitchen Lights, BC (Button Controller) - Garage, BR - Outside lighting.

I'd like tags, so I can create multiple groupings

Personally I'd like to group together various apps and devices that are involved in automating a specific part of my setup. Might develop an app to do it one day...

That sounds like a winner :trophy:

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