Create a "hub is rebooting" automation to warn family members

I have an occassional but important WAF issue - when I have to reboot one or more of our two hubs (FW update, some maintenance activity, other edge cases) automations stop working during the reboot and while the hub mesh is reconnecting after reboot, for any meshed devices.

For some reason, my wife has the ability to spider-sense the reboot and try to do things specifically during that time. I try to warn her in advance, but have to admit I do seem to forget to warn her more often than not.

Wondering if I can catch a reboot and send a notification to her phone (I have texting support set up) letting her know about the reboot.

If one hub can detect another hub rebooting (they are connected via Hub Mesh) that would work, as that way if either is rebooted the other would provide the notification. So even if both were rebooted, she'd get at least one notification about a reboot going on from the first reboot.

Does such a capability exist?

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No, but you can "fake" it by rebooting one hub from the other, and have a notification go out when you do it. Alternatively, reboot the hubs after she goes to bed; her spider-sense may not be active then.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Funny you should mention that...I did so last night, she was laying in bed next to me to I started rebooting both hubs (actually part of a FW update to .123) and for some reason she gets up in the middle of it and goes into her closet and says "Hey - my closet lights didn't come on when I walked into my closet."

That event was the genesis of this post...probably won't handle that issue anyway as she's not looking at her texts while in bed, but I've fogotten to warn her enough that an automation will at least reduce my exposure. :smiley:

I had frankly forgotten (or maybe never thought about) the fact that you can reboot one hub from another.


I predict that she will complain about "all these hub rebooting notifications you are sending to my phone".



Yes, of course you're right. [sigh]

I think this is going to be simpler if I just build another house on our property and only automate that. :wink:


I understand the concept but not sure I follow how this would be done.

Reboot/Shutdown are user initiated, so one can generate the notification in a rule, before executing the action.


I see so you would actually be using the reboot command as a trigger?

No, you'd trigger the rule via some other means, a virtual switch, a variable, a button, etc.

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I totally understand now. So rebooting and or shutting down would then be executed from the rule exclusively instead of through the menus.


Handles the reboot, but an upgrade would still be an issue. image

The inside of my mind exactly. :smiley: :slightly_frowning_face: Hadn't thought of the fact that the hub update reboot would not be user-initiated. That was the cause of the "Look-what's-not-working-now" bulletin from my wife last night.

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And this is exactly the reason why I feel that reboot and shutdown events should be in the log as location events.

And now I see the genius (as usual) of your request. One step ahead of me logically, and you also have your beer in hand earlier, since you are several hours ahead of me. :wink:

Oops - sounds like from Bruce's comment on the other thread that it wouldn't help my use-case, since the log entry wouldn't be accessible until after the reboot is completed.

Oh well...I can cover myself for cases when I start the reboot, just have to try to manage to complete the update reboots on my own. Such first-world tragedy... :smiley:

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I want it for another reason. I "support" three hubs that aren't in my house. I am told that the hub shutdown or rebooted. I'd like to know why ....


Well I didn't do it, if that's what your implying!!



Well I do actually have something set up to be triggered when a certain device reports a change of update available at least. :wink:


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