Corrupt database

Don't do this while the hub is running only after you shut it down from the menu. A 2a will work as well, pretty much if it works with your phone it will work with hubitat.

I had to pull power, I could not get to the maintenance menu. I wasn't going to risk a reset/restore with flakey power anyway and risk bricking it. If you mean on the testing, I did shutdown before pulling power, probably worded that poorly. I normally do use the shutdown if needed and also have NUT running on a Pi and a rule running to shut down on low battery.

Hub started acting up again, blinking red green like a network issue but responding to ping and I could access the maintenance port. Caught it on one last reboot and it showed the corrupt database message again.

I think I'll reach out to support to see what's up after once again doing a soft reset and restore from cloud backup (protect subscription).

@Hubitat_Staff @bobbyD

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We reached out to you, instead :slight_smile: See my private message. We'd like to further investigate.