Copies of Mobile App Device created

I ran into an issue last week where a couple days I would open the hubitat app and for some reason was logged out. I think this happened 3 times total.

Anyway, I then noticed I had stopped getting notifications/presence events.
Today I looked into it finally, and found in my devices, I had 2 copies of the same phone.

I figured out which one was "the latest" and deleted all the others, but it just becomes very frustrating to have to edit everywhere I was using presence/sending notifications to switch to the latest copy.

I'm not sure if this was a situation that was planned for, but it would be nice if
"same android (some sort of unique identifier you can get access to IMEI/serial?) + same user account = a specific device" not just based on an instance of a login.

The process does already account for this but there is a bug in when the extra device was created. If you already have a mobile app device installed and go to settings on the mobile app and select a hub by clicking on "Hub" below enable geofence. You will get a popup that will allow you to pick that existing device or create a new one.

This is not apparent when first using the app, but if you also log out and log back in you will see this same screen to select.

The bug we are aware of is that this screen may not show up if you have renamed the mobile app device on the hub either the label or name. This is fixed in the beta version and we hope to push this and many other fixes shortly to release version.

I think that is the situation I am in now, having renamed my device.
Everything is working now though and I will wait for the Release to confirm.