Cooper/Eaton Outet

Hey everyone. I just bought this from Ebay.

It works fine so far. I thought I would share a quick tip when trying to discover this device. When you turn the power back on after installing this it is flashing. It says that is the programming mode by default. I could not get it to discover. Finally I pressed and held the on button for about 5 seconds. Then it turned off and stopped flashing. Next I started discovery mode in HE and pressed the on button once. It found it right away. I am using the generic z-wave outlet driver for this. I was also able to change the Led status light. I used simple lighting to run a light I have plugged into the controlled socket. The other half is on all the time.

I recomend to add it to the z wave poller app.

Why is that?

I have the same receptacle and sometimes it will not report the status(when the poller app did not exist), it is z wave non plus version. I have it in the poller app and it works great.

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So then you have it as a generic switch
vs. outlet then? I don't see it available in my polling list.

Outlet or switch but make sure it doesn't say "smart" on the driver name.

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Yes I changed it to a generic zwave switch and then it became available in my poller list. I will keep an eye on it the next few days. Thanks!

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