Cool Looking Device Coming Soon

This looks like a cool device on the horizon. Little steep of price for my blood though. Appears to be WiFi, but does say compatible with ST. Maybe there will be an API or something that HE could tap in to.

$300 for a the same thing an $79+wall mounted Amazon Fire can do......Sounds like they should be marketing to control4 people

Exactly. Not interested in the least.

300 bucks will get you at least 5 dimmers or switches and motion detectors, that's enough to do motion lighting in 5 rooms, at which point you will seldom have need to activate the switch physically...


Plus I believe it is cloud dependent.

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And frankly it doesn't work. I have one. Tried three different install locations and it just didn't work. Gave up. It's in a drawer someplace.

Come on guys, I said it looked cool. Don't plan on buying one lol. I could think of other things to get for that kind of cash.

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I thought the same thing! I was still on SmartThings at the time, and thought it would be a great "control panel", but like most Kickstarter/Indigogo things, my interpretation of their marketing made it seem like the second coming of home automation!

Sadly, the implementation, just didn't live up to my expectations. I was expecting the NEST of light switches, and got the old Honeywell model instead...

But. As you said. It sure looks cool!


I will concede it LOOKS pretty cool. :grinning: