Convert spoken Alexa/GH command to an HE variable?

I don't know the right category for this question.

Is there any way/skill to convert a spoken command to Alexa or GH into a Hubitat variable?

This would be super useful in a few situations for me.

There is a way to pass a word or a number off to Hubitat from Google Home using IFTTT. There are recipes in IFTTT that have a placeholder for a number value or a word string. You can then use a link from the maker API to send this number or work to Hubitat. I have not used this with the new Global Variable devices yet but instead with custom virtual drivers. However, the theory is the same. I've use this to send Speed commands for Fans (High, Low, etc) and numbers for different purposes (turn on the driveway light for 10 minutes).

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