Controlling the LED Zemismart

Am I missing something basic?

I want the LED of this to be on when the switch is off (dark bathroom).

There is an option, but when I select it then save preferences, nothing happens.

Switch is Zemismart and I'm using the custom driver.

Changing of the power-on behavior is a one-time command to the device in this driver, not an option (preference).
It works similar to the other Commands - you need to press the Command button. Some commands are simple, without any parameters (On, Off, Refresh..), other commands require a parameter to be selected first, then you must click on the button above the parameter ( 'Led Mode')

  1. Select the option

  2. Click on the button (the previously selected 'toggle' option should be visible)

You don't need to click on the Save Preferences button.

Fantastic thank you!!

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