Controlling Music

I want to be able to control music in my house with zigbee and zwave buttons. I have a Sonos Roam, and can start/stop music with a zigbee button, but can i do this with other speakers?
I have mostly Google speakers, but an echo as well, but they only show up as TTS devices. Is it basically just Sonos that has integration for music?

Probably depends on what exactly you mean by control. Are you simply wanting to "control" audio initiated through other means, like you phone, or do you want to initiate the audio from within HE? I would expect you should be able to control audio once it has been initiated elsewhere, but am not familiar with starting the playing of a song from within HE, for example.

Good questions @deanveatch. I've been wondering about this lately as well. I saw that JellyFin has an integration with Home Assistant that seems to allow for some cool automations, but I have no ability to bring that over. I am thinking I might set up Home Assistant just for this purpose (to supplement my Hubitat, not replace it!!)

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Sonos will show up as with music controls I can assign to button controllers. But not my nests or echo. Are there other integrations for music besides Sonos?

Here's parts of a rule used for a button to start a radio station on my Google Home.

MB Radio