Controlling modes through virtual button

Hey guys. Hope you are staying cool—it is set to be hotter than hell here on the east coast. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to set up a virtual button to turn modes on and off, but without success. My goal is an ActionTile than I could use from my iPad to move between the two modes that I use — day and night.

As always, thanks so much! Love the community here. :grinning:

Pretty cool and wet here on the east coast.... :wink:

I have previously used a virtual button with multiple buttons for this... but my setup has drifted since then...let me see if I can find some details....

The best I can come up with would be my notes on my Zone Control dashboard. Not ideal, but it works.... Will probably be looking to re-work it sometime soon and make it easier using my CSS editor, but no immediate thoughts on how that may play out yet...

Hey there. I think I figured out the secret, which is to use a switch, with one rule for on, and another for off. My mistake was in trying to use a button. For whatever reason, the latter doesn’t work worth a hoot.

Enjoy the cool weather. I have lowered all the blinds and set the thermostat controller for an average temperature of 68. :grinning:

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PS That is a really awesome dashboard :grinning:

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Thanks. I should be happier with it than I am...

Annoyingly it doesn't fit on my new tablet, and I will likely re-develop it as I move my devices to my more distributed setup (slowly).

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