Controlling Lights in a Group

Still new to Hubitat and floundering around a bit. I'm trying to figure out how to control several lights at one time. I know in Wink, I could put them all in a group and launch the group, then wait for my cloud connection and eventually they would all come on or go off. Can I do the same type of thing in Hubitat (minus the cloud connection of course) :slight_smile: Thanks, Ken

Thanks "furom". But I still can't figure out how to get an icon on my dashboard to control that group. (Ugh, I'm getting old) :thinking:

Use Scenes instead.

You basically set things like you want them to be as far as on/off/dim or whatever. Then capture (save) the scene.

It creates a virtual Scene Device that you can then use in your dashboard, or automations in Rule Machine or wherever. It acts like a light switch, and I think that is the template you use also.

The big advantage of scenes is for dimmers where you don't want a simple on/off like a group would be. You also can use a scene in Alexa or Google.