Controlling a fan and a fan light with a single pico

Who is using a single pico (I'm thinking 5 button, light or fan or audio or whatever) to control a ceiling fan and a ceiling fan light? Since you can map the pico buttons to whatever you like, obviously there's a thousand ways to do this. I'm trying to figure out what is the "easiest" or most intuitive way to set it up.

Right now I'm thinking top button (1) toggles light, button 2 dims light up when pressed, dims light down when held. Bottom button (5) toggles fan, button 4 speeds up fan when pressed, slows it down when held. Middle button (3) toggles both fan and light or turns both off.

That's not super intuitive IMO. I like using buttons 1 and 5 for lights, and 2/4 for fan.

You could use press/ for 1/5 to turn on and off, and hold to dim up and down.

2 to increase fan speed, 4 to decrease. Get creative with press and hold if you want.

Button 3 is a bit of a weird one, there's nothing really intuitive there IMO, so I usually do combinations there like you were thinking.

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Most intuitive to me is using the Pico buttons similar to how Lutron intends the buttons to be used.

Press 1 : Light on high
Press 2: Increase light level
Press 3: Favorite light level
Press 4: Lower light level
Press 5: Light off

Hold 1: Fan on high
Hold 2: Increase fan speed
Hold 3: Favorite fan speed
Hold 4: Decrease fan speed
Hold 5: Fan off

You could of course swap the above, as in press for fan and hold for light.

EDIT: Picos are relatively inexpensive, so I usually have one Pico control the fan and another Pico control the lights. Thatโ€™s the easiest for everybody to understand and use

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I have a Pico 5 button switch in each of the bedrooms. Here's how it's programmed

Button 1 Press: Turn on all lights
Button 1 Hold: turn on only the nightstand light
Button 2 Press: open the blinds
Button 2 Hold: increase light brightness
Button 3 Press: cycle fan speeds
Burron 3 Hold: turn off fan
Button 4 Press: close blinds
Button 4 Hold: dim the lights
Button 5 Press: Turn off all lights

I find this works well for us and is intuitive enough that we all remember it.

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I have many bed/table side Picos controlling lights and fans. My lights are just on/off so donโ€™t need to dim them but here is what I do. Top button being 1 and bottom being 5:
1: turn on light
2: Increase fan
3: Toggle dim fan where I turn in fan on at medium, or set to whatever speed you normally run fan. Pressing again turns off fan
4: Decrease fan
5: turn off light

As I am tying this I did remember another Pico that does operate a dimmer and holding buttons 2 and 3 will dim the light.