Controlling 433 mhz

Hi everyone!

Planning to migrate to Hubitat in a near future. :grinning:

Is there a way to control 433 mhz devices with Hubitat? Right now I use an RFXtrx along with my Vera Secure. Maybe I can use that RFXtrx..?

Maybe the bond bridge will do what you want?

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I believe the Bond Bridge is 315Mhz. I use a Sonoff Bridge to monitor 433Mhz Water sensors but it requires flashing Tasmota software on the Bridge and running MQTT in Node Red. The Bridge has 16 buttons that can be programmed to send 433 MHz signals but I haven't needed that option. How adventurous are you?

EDIT: There is also the Broadlink Pro but the community integration was pulled by developer


We’ll se how adventerous I am when I get my hub up and running... :grinning:

Well I got an RM Pro so maybe I can achieve what I want by using that.

I must stop posting stuff until I actually have my controller.... Now I want to test this right away but I can’t. So frustrating...! :smile:

Haha I just got some Christmas projector lights that arrived 10 minutes ago for outside of my house and by dumb lock, the remote is 433 MHz and my Sonoff bridge reads the signal. That means I can use my bridge to automate my lights with Hubitat if the bridge has the range. I haven't tested my Broadlink Pro yet though

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Sometimes you need to have some luck doing home automations... :grinning:

We’ll se how what I’m gonna do with my devices running on 433 mhz. They are not that many and honestly I have had plans for a while now to get rid of them and use something more secure (like Xiaomi for all the sensors).
My 433 mhz dimmers and switches will probably be switched to stuff a Swedish brand called Plejd that do really awsome dimmers and switches (that runs on Bluetooth and using their own hub for accessing the web).
Sadly though they have a closed system with only integration for Google Home and with Apple HomeKit in the pipeline.
It would be a dream to be able to integrate their stuff with Hubitat but I’ll doubt that’s posible. (I know someone have cracked their system and created an integration with Home Assistant but...)

Says it controls devices in the range "radio frequency range of 300-450mhz". So should work. It has an open API that works well too.

Then I BELIEVE I am wrong. :grinning:

I just got the Bond to turn on and off these 433 MHz Christmas projector lights I just got but I didn't see any option to add additional buttons other than on, off and toggle. The remote for the projector has 13 buttons

You should be able to add custom buttons and make it learn them via the app.

I have it controlling my fireplace and had to add a few extra buttons.

You were able to create a custom button from scratch then program a button that wasn't on their existing button list for device? I don't see any option to do that when I created a generic device. I looked at the Fan and Fireplace option also and I only see where you can choose their existing button options.

Well I got a little trigger happy on the order-button and recently bought a load of Aqara stuff on Black Friday sale to replace my units running 433 mhz so that kind of solved my problem... :smile:

Thanks for the help anyways! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Its been a while but you are correct. I had to load the app to figure it all out again as once I set it up a while back and integrated it into HE I haven't touched it.

As you know if you create a generic device you only get the on/off.

However if you setup the device as a fireplace or fan you get a bunch of other commands which you can assign as you want. The icons will be off but you should at least be able to rename them to whatever you want to create somewhat custom commands. Maybe would be a good feature to request in their forums.

In my case I just had a fireplace and mapped everything I needed to various other buttons.

This would probably work better as controlling things with RF is one way. So the hub wouldn't know the state if it was turned on/off manually. Adding zigbee devices will be the proper way to do it.

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