Controlling 3-position blinds from Broadlink Pro3

I got a roller blind motor that has an RF remote. The RF remote has three states - up, down and stop. I've learnt the codes using Broadlink Device Manager and tested them and they work. For the life of me, I don't know what to do next. How do I create a 3-button device to send the RF codes to the blind motor? I tried following the instructions in the Broadlink Device Manager thread and I couldn't make sense of how to do it. It sounds easy but damned if I can figure it out. I've looked through threads and searched online to no avail. I'm hoping I'm just being daft and it's super simple. Anyone able to help out here?

I'll have a go...

  1. Add a new device using the Virtual Shade driver
  2. Add a rule in Rule Machine:

Note: You add the SendStoreCode by adding an action with "Run Custom Action" > Select Actuator as the capability > Select the Broadlink Device > Select SendStoredCode, etc.

Hopefully that should set you on the right track. I didn't implement stop as I only want the curtains open or closed, but you get the idea.

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Legend. Thanks. I'll give it a crack and report back.

I faithfully replicated your rule and it works! Brilliant! Thanks for setting me off in the right direction. I think I'll try and implement the stop function too but for now, this works a treat!

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Glad it worked in the end.