"Control Thermostats.." Action option not available for new rules

This is strange, I have some existing rules that have actions that control my thermostat. They work fine. When I go to create a NEW rule and add an action, the "Control Thermostats.." option is not available. If I open the existing rules created in the past and add actions, I DO see "Control Thermostats..". I can clone the old rules and tweak them and everything works.

Anyone have thoughts on why "Control Thermostats.." action is not available when creating new rules? Thanks!

You don't see this?

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Doh! I was working on it on my phone, and the end of the name gets cut off. I didn't realize/remember that "..or Thermostats" was over there on the end of that name. I see it there now. Thanks!

Sorry, the UI should wrap that text so you can see it... We will work on that.


Yep, looks like this, couldn't see " or Thermostats".


BTW, landscape orientation shows the entire text.


I would like to point out one thing that I find odd. When adding an action to an existing rule that already has the thermostat action you do have this as an available option:

That is an older rule, not 5.1., where Control Thermostat was separate from HSM et al.

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