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with hubitat is there a way to control spotify? Im looking for a way to control simple commands (play pause etc) as well as more complex things like searching for an album e.g. - Im not necessarily talking dashboard control here. Im more looking for a way to talk to spotify in rule machine e.g.

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Home entertainment control is not what Hubitat does. That caution aside, it very much depends on the devices involved. My Yamaha receiver will play spotify and there is a community driver for it. I also have a Harmony hub and the HE driver for that. Some Harmony 'scene' building and HE rules could do some of what you want but nothing in HE is going to search for song titles and give a matching list to pick from. I suppose you could write an App but that's a lot of work and time and success is not guaranteed.

Thanks for your answer. Is there anything that can control spotify the way I want? ( searching for titles e.g.?) Is spotify accessable at all (e.g. via intents, api etc)?
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I'm not aware of anything. From a coding perspective it is a difficult job. Difficult enough to wonder what are you trying to do and why. Obviously you can play and manipulate Spotify with some current devices - what is it? . I don't use Spotify myself so I'm not likely to write the code even if I did know but the answers may trigger some usable workarounds.


I was trying to setup up local voice control with voxcommando. I wanted to control spotify this way...but there doesnt seem to be an option to control spotify externally. Thanks anyways.

@mitchp mentioned they were working on this here but I haven't seen any activity on the github project so suspect it got stalled.

Echo speaks can do this I believe.

Very valuable information here!! I didnt know someone was working on this! Cool! Also in what way can you control spotify through echo speaks?

You can search for and play wanted music. Stop play pause on any if your supported echo devices. Also display the album art. It is just a small piece of what echo speaks can do.

Ugh... yeah it stalled. It works, although it's janky yet.
Last I looked into it, since there wasn't a static oAuth redirect URI on the Hubitat side, it would require each user to sign up for their own Spotify developer account and modify the code with their API key, as well as configure Spotify's side for your specific redirect URI. It wasn't the user experience that I wanted, so I shelved it until either there were changes here (understandably not a priority) or Spotify allowed wildcard redirect URIs. Not holding my breath on Spotify, as wildcard URIs technically go against the oAuth 2.0 spec/RFC.
It would work over on SmartThings (while the Groovy IDE is still around at least), but I've since ditched that entirely.

The Real Job has been stupidly busy over the last several months, so I don't have a lot of motivation to go home and sit in front of the PC. This and the Gledopto 2-ID led controller have been casualties of that. :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you just want to control Spotify with Hubitat or do you also want to use Hubitat to connect to devices (wifi speakers, Amazon Echo) that Spotify may not find?

I ask because I bought a tuner with Spotify connect built in which works as is and it can be controlled remotely from the either the Spotify Connect app or the Undok app, but neither the Spotify connect app or the Undok can find my Amazon Echo so I can't choose to play the music through that device.

Is that what you are also trying to do or do you just want to control Spotify remotely?

Spotify connect works quite well if you just want to control Spotify remotely.